The film follows the life and career of Enzo Ferrari, founder and head of the legendary Ferrari automobile company, during the summer of 1957.

At this time, Ferrari faces financial difficulties, family problems, competition from other manufacturers and preparations for the Mille Miglia race, one of the most difficult and dangerous in the history of motorsport.

The film shows how Ferrari balances between his passion for speed, his love for his wife Laura and his conscience, which forces him to confess to his illegitimate son Pierrot.

The film also shows how Ferrari created its famous cars, which became symbols of Italian style, innovation and genius.

The director of the Ferrari film is Michael Mann, known for the films The Last of the Mohicans, Heat, Mindhunter, Collider and others. Mann had long dreamed of making a film about Ferrari, and he had been working on the project since 1993. He considers Ferrari one of the most inspiring and charismatic people in the history of motorsport. Mann is also the film's producer and screenwriter.

Ferrari's budget is approximately $100 million, making it one of Mann's most expensive films. The film was shot in Italy, France, Germany and the USA. The film uses real Ferrari cars, as well as special effects and computer graphics to recreate the races and events of 1957.

Reviews for the film "Ferrari" are mostly positive. Critics praise the film for its realism, dynamism, emotionality and visuality. They also note the excellent acting, especially Christian Bale, who played the role of Ferrari. The film is considered by critics to be one of the best films about racing and one of Mann's best films.