High stakes. The best films about gambling

People caught up in excitement can never stop in time. Even huge debts to gambling houses and moneylenders do not bother them.


Casino owners are cunning and very smart people. They skillfully set traps that not only a beginner, but also an experienced gambling professional can fall into. All this makes people come to the casino again and again, wasting absolutely all their savings. It is almost impossible to get out of the abyss of excitement. Players bet the latter in the hope of winning back and getting rich.


With this selection, you can better understand what motivates gamblers and why they are drawn to casinos like a magnet, and you will also see real stories about famous people. And if after reading you want to play yourself, we recommend using the rating from the site ru.casinoglobal.info.

"Big Game" (Molly's Game), 2017


The film is based on the story of a real person named Molly Bloom. She founded one of the most popular underground casinos, for which she was nicknamed Princess of Poker.


From a very early age, the girl dreamed that she would build a career in big-time sports. And dreams could well come true, because Molly was very good at skiing. However, the injury made her forget about sports podiums. But the girl does not despair. She leaves for the City of Angels and gets a job in one of the illegal poker clubs.


Thanks to her position, she begins to understand all the nuances of poker and the gambling business, and learns about all the problems that can be encountered. One day she quarrels with her boss, so she quits her job. But Molly is too smart to be left on the street without money. She moves to New York and founds her own club, which almost instantly becomes very popular. Famous Hollywood actors, Russian bandits and other authoritative figures want to play with Molly. At some point, her club attracts too much attention, and the FBI begins to take an interest in it.


The film is based on an autobiographical book about the life of Molly Bloom. In reality, her underground establishment was visited by such Hollywood legends as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey McGuire and many others.



"Walks along the Mississippi River" (Mississiррi Grind), 2015


The main character of the film Gray is a real gambling addict. The only thing that matters to him is gambling, to which he devotes all his time. At some points in his life he is lucky and wins quite large sums. True, his periods of wealth are very short. Being addicted to gambling, he immediately takes everything back to the casino and loses completely. During another period of poverty, Gray meets a young card player named Curtis. Gray perceives his new acquaintance as a talisman and now dreams, with his help, to finally win back and get out of the abyss of debt and lack of money.


The film is a remake of a film from the seventies. The main role in the new film adaptation was played by Ryan Reynolds, known to the public for the superhero films about Deadpool.



"The Gambler" (The Gambler), 2014


Jim is an ordinary literature teacher. In everyday life, none of his colleagues, students and friends of Jim even realize that the man has a secret addiction - gambling. He carefully hides his hobby because he has something to be ashamed of. Jim can never stop on time, so he already owes one of the casinos more than 250 thousand dollars.


It would seem that after such a big loss a person should stop, but Jim does not. He borrows fifty thousand again to recoup his money, and, as usual, he squanders it down to the last cent. The debts are becoming so large that they now threaten not only Jim, but also his girlfriend and mother.


The film was also a remake of a film from the seventies, where the main character was played by the star of that time, James Caan.



"Large Bet" (Even Money), 2007


In this film, the director brought together several life stories of gambling people, which intertwine with each other as the plot progresses.