Miss Juneteenth

«Miss Juneteenth» is a drama about a pageant winning mother who had a promising childhood but was hampered by many things that could easily confuse people in her community. When she sees her daughter heading in the same direction as her own life, she rushes in to try and protect her from the traps that surround her. Turquoise "Turk" Jones (Nicole Beharie) reached her highest point in life when she won the Miss Juneteenth beauty pageant, which offers a scholarship to a historically black college. But there are more hardships ahead in life as a single mother holds multiple jobs to make ends meet. From then on, her life goes downhill, despite her optimistic attitude, strong work ethic, and desire to always help others. When her daughter Kai (Alexis Chikaeze) became old enough to compete in the Miss Juneteenth pageant, Turquoise was excited that she got to take part and win so she can achieve what her mother never could.

But rebellious Kai has no interest in taking advice from her mother about anything, and would rather earn a scholarship to college in her own way: by creating a dance team. Both women fight for their independence and reaffirm their belief that that each of them lives the right way. Kaye is not at all interested in what she believes is an outdated way of doing things, resisting the charm school, and navigating her way through Maya Angelou's poem "Phenomenal Woman." - requirement to recite at the competition. Meanwhile, Turquoise, who remembers the struggles of her own teenage pregnancy, condemns Kai's dancing as a way out, and she perceives Kai's boyfriend as a huge threat to his ability to achieve great things. Written and directed by feature film newcomer Channing Godfrey Peoples, this film introduces a novice with an amazing flair for the art of cinema. The quick transitions between emotionally charged scenes that move the story forward and glimpses into the daily life of working-class blacks in Fort Worth, Texas create a dark but satisfying narrative without sugarcoating the struggle. Throughout the film, the performances are deep, resonant and authentic. Each character in the cast adds emotional honesty, bringing their own nuance to add realism to the characters, which in turn makes the story that much stronger. Ultimately, "Miss Juneteenth" is a heartfelt, timeless story about the bond between a mother and daughter. The journey of following your dreams only to see them crumble and reinventing your dreams so you have something to work towards is as relatable as it is heartbreaking. Excellent execution brings authenticity to a polished and effective script, creating a unique, memorable result.

Tags: Drama