The famous animator Konstantin Feoktistov decided to once again please the audience, as he is filming an adventure story in the spirit of previous parts about heroes. The plot this time will be even brighter and more interesting, because excellent screenwriters were found for this, plus modern technologies were used, namely special effects and graphic design. The script was written by experienced writer Alexander Boyarsky, he is the author of numerous books in the adventure genre. According to the director, the cartoon should once again demonstrate the heroes as the most powerful representatives of humanity.

Three heroes and the Sea King and learn about new adventures of the great heroes of the past. In this part, they will have a long journey to China, where an evil dragon will be waiting for the heroes; he has a wisdom tooth. The main characters' task is this: they need to try to steal his tooth. And the Kiev prince will be on a journey with the horse Julius for the purposes of the state. They will need to find the treasure of the sea king. After all, the treasury always needs easy money, and the tsar will not want to just give them the whole budget. He drowned Kyiv in water in an instant. What will the heroes do in such a situation?