Frozen 2

Admirers often ask how soon the new part of the beloved cartoon “Frozen 2” from Walt Disney Studios will be released. We already know the answer and would like to tell you this important information. Rumors about the release of a new part have been circulating on the World Wide Web for a long time, but finally the Disney studio has officially confirmed the development of a second part. The premiere of the release is scheduled for autumn 2017, or more precisely for the month of November. Part 2 of the magnificent full-length animated cartoon is a continuation of a truly exciting story about love and faith in family and friends, it will reveal to us new sides of Elsa’s character, and we will have the opportunity to see her from the other side.

What will Anna and Elsa do in the future?

Elsa and Anna are two girls, daughters and sisters of the royal family of the North. In the first part, Elsa, like her sister, was a simple child, until a turning point came in her life and she discovered magical possibilities that she could not control. Elsa accidentally used magic to harm her sister, but she recovered and got better. Elsa swears and promises not to play with her sister anymore. Years pass, and Elsa, by right of seniority, inherits the throne and becomes Queen of the North. But due to her feelings of deception and lies, she was unable to control her powers properly enough, and as a result, her entire magical kingdom is covered in cold ice.

How Elsa's fate will change

Elsa makes what she considers the right decision to go far into the mountains, so as not to accidentally cause harm or pain to anyone else. But her sister, keeping the warmest, most tender feelings in her heart, follows her on her heels far into the mountains to bring back the real queen. And now, on her way, Anna meets a faithful friend and assistant who is ready for any feat for her and will save the entire kingdom. Eventually Elsa was able to control her magical abilities and became friends with Anna. According to the rules of the genre, all bad heroes will be punished and get what they deserve, and the sisters will find peace and happiness...