Cold heart

In the magical kingdom of Arendelle, there lived two princess sisters – Elsa and Anna, very different from each other. Anna, an ordinary restless teenage girl, loves to fool around and dreams of romantic love at first sight and a handsome prince on a white horse. She is very bored and cramped within the castle walls. But her older sister has an extraordinary gift that has turned into her curse. The girl is able to turn everything she touches into a block of ice and be the mistress of snow storms.

Frozen is available for free now. Once while playing, the eldest almost killed her younger sister. Frightened by their daughter's extraordinary gift, her parents ensured that Elsa never leave the castle walls. The royal daughters from the fairy tale Frozen were separated and were able to meet only during the ceremonial coronation of the eldest princess to the throne. But the terrible ancient prediction came true: unable to control her gift, the new queen froze Arendelle, and the previously flourishing kingdom plunged into the cold embrace of eternal winter. Frightened by what she had done, Elsa runs away to the mountains and settles in an ice castle.