In ancient times, a careless demigod committed a bad deed. Maui stole the shining heart of the Great Goddess. Darkness reigned over the ocean and islands, devouring all living things. The gods punished the sea tribes for the theft; a terrible curse does not allow people to go beyond the breakwater. There are no fish in the waters accessible to them, the vegetation on the islands is dying out under the shadow of darkness. People forget their roots, hiding boats in distant caves, obeying the fears of the night. A girl once chosen by the Pacific Ocean can break the curse.

Are Moana and Maui just friends?

The brave daughter of the tribe sets sail after learning the truth about the origins of her people. Talented sailors who plied the waters fell under an ancient curse. The long, dangerous journey across the ocean does not frighten the leader’s daughter, because she is the chosen one of water. The girl finds Maui on a small island where he was exiled as punishment for his misdeed. But the demigod is in no hurry to correct his mistakes; over the years he has become more frivolous. And he lost his weapon, almost going crazy on his island. Moana helps him return the weapon that gives strength and persuades him to return the Heart of the World. But the great goddess is guarded by a fire demon.