The Snow Queen 3. Fire and Ice

She now goes in search of her parents, whom she has been looking for for a long time and cannot find, since the Snow Queen and the Snow King kidnapped them and a lot of other people, and are hiding them in the Kingdom of Ice. Now, in order to save them, Gerda will need to find a troll artifact called the Stone of Ice and Fire. It can be said instead of a magic wand, with the help of which she can fulfill any of her desires. But when she finally finds this artifact, something happens that no one expected, the whole world is in danger.

Another story of the queen

You, dear viewers, have been given a unique opportunity and this is The Snow Queen 3. Fire and Ice, and watch it on your TV or computer, but this is not all the horror that can happen to Gerda. A complete catastrophe begins in the World, and she feels that all this is because of her and she bears a lot of guilt, now she will have to make the right choice and unite with her brother Kai and the trolls, whose artifact Gerda took. Now that they are together they can cope with everything and save the world.

A girl and a boy or just a disaster

But here our old friends the Snow Queen and the Snow King return to us, who will prevent our main characters from preventing this terrible catastrophe that has befallen the world of the girl Gerda and the boy Kai. But they also do not give up and enter into a tough fight with them in which they must win, but whether this happens, it all depends on our heroes, but you will only be able to find out who won this battle when you watch this cartoon on our website.</ p>