The main character of this musical cartoon is the funny koala Buster Moon. He is the owner of a small provincial theater. Things are not going well for Buster and the financial situation of the show businessman leaves much to be desired. The theater is in a deplorable state and the little bamboo bear faces the sad fate of bankruptcy.

Become a star

In search of a way out of this situation, he unexpectedly finds an unusually clever marketing plan. The cunning animal announces a grandiose singing competition, where the winner will receive a big cash prize. Having placed the necessary advertisement, he cautiously awaits the reaction of the townspeople. The result of this clever move exceeded all expectations. The entire animal town began to sing at the top of its voice in the blink of an eye. There was a huge number of people wishing to take part in the new show project.

Singing or ordinary life?

As a result of a short qualifying round, the five loudest-voiced mammals advance to the finals of the competition. The whole city literally froze in anticipation of the grandiose spectacle. Will the enterprising lout be able to successfully pull off his scam and earn with impunity a lot of the money he needs to revive his cultural center? You can find out the results of the vocal competition by watching the comedy animated film “Zveropoy” to the end in our torrent zone completely free of charge and without registration.