The events of the cartoon unfold in a beautiful American family. The central character is a seven-year-old boy. He lives in this family. The time comes when his parents give birth to another child. The problem is that for them he becomes a favorite, due to which they pay more attention to him, buy him various things and do not really communicate with the seven-year-old boy. Only the main character of the cartoon notices something wrong in the family. Everyone else feels completely fine.

Baby boss or mini spy

Boss Baby is available for free from March 23, 2017. Despite the fact that the child is an infant, he already wears business suits, carries on conversations and is constantly scheming. How does this happen? Nobody believes the boy's stories. Those around him attribute all this to the fact that he does not want to put up with the appearance of a child in the family. Will the main character be able to prove to everyone around him that this little child is impersonating someone else? In fact, he is not what he is. They earn back the money spent in a short period of time, receive a lot of good ratings, and also make viewers expect the release of something similar.