Felice, who ended up in an orphanage with her best friend Victor, comes up with an escape plan to fulfill the little girl’s dream of devoting her life to dancing. Her crazy desire was to enter a dance school located in Paris. Victor comes up with an ingenious escape plan, where, dressed as a nun, he leads his girlfriend through the completely dark narrow corridors of the children's boarding school, while everyone was fast asleep. But, unfortunately, on the way they come across the school principal, who gives chase to the children, guessing their plan to escape.

How to become a better ballerina?

Thanks to the talent of Victor, who invented the flying machine with his own hands, the fearless heroes escape from the school. But the story of friends does not end there. They find themselves in their childhood dream city, where their incredible adventures take place. The comrades are separated by bad luck, which switched with Victor, and the girl is left alone in a completely unfamiliar city with her dream. In an extremely successful way, the young girl manages to enter a dance school, although not in an entirely honest way under a completely false name, Camila Leon. She stole an invitation letter from a girl who also dreamed of dancing for a long time.