12 monkeys season 3

The year is 2043 in the world. The mortal danger destroyed almost the entire population of the planet. True, there are survivors, but they are a minority. And resources are already running out, and the apocalypse continues to take people’s lives to the next world. Now only a group of scientists has a chance to go back in time in order to change everything for the better. But they themselves will remain in their offices, since there is a prisoner named James Cole, who will be sent for a special experiment.

So how many of these monkeys are there

12 Monkeys Season 3 and find out the result of this experiment, because no one had even planned a similar experiment before. Plus, the main character was promised forgiveness for his crimes if he did everything in the best possible way. James has one small lead in the form of Dr. Cassandra Reilly, who was returning from a lecture and then met him. The man needs to prove to the girl that he came from the future.