World of the Wild West season 2

The series is an adaptation of a full-length film of the same name, in which the viewer will be transported to the future, where the most exciting entertainment will be a theme park. This period is perfectly recreated with the help of robots; they can easily imitate the appearance of people of historical times. Androids simply live their lives there, constantly delighting new tourists. They have a large base of functions that respond to certain emotions at different times of the day.

What awaits us in the new world of the West?

Westworld season 2 and enjoy the wonderful story of robots that simply merged with people in one interesting place. After all, androids are capable of many things, in particular, they can easily fulfill all requirements, even if they are related to sexual pleasures. But tourists also have their own responsibilities; they must be dressed in historical clothing. And then they can do whatever their heart desires.

Wild Western or just a mess of robots

The storyline will unfold around an intriguing park, made in the style of the best science fiction films. True, at one point there will be an accident in which the robots will behave inappropriately, putting all visitors in great danger for their lives.