Grimm season 6

Events take viewers to the United States of America, to Portland. Nicholas Burkhardt is the main character. He is a detective assigned to the homicide department. All his friends and family simply call him Nick. Each subsequent episode reveals to us a separate case considered by the hero.

New Grimm or new twister

Grimm season 6 and learn even more about Nick's life. The main character learns from Aunt Marie about what belongs to the hunters, whom everyone around them calls Grimm. In this world, they have only one mission prepared - to cleanse the planet of terrible Creatures. These living organisms have unique abilities and enormous strength. They can live in the human body or in some other creature without any problems. Only Grimms can see their essence, and they can also resist them.

It's scary without fame

When Nick learns about his own destiny, he immediately decides to defend his beloved world. He understands that anything can be expected from creatures, so he must act with extreme caution. Later it becomes known that not all monsters want to destroy people. There are also those who are ready to help Nick. Yes, there are very few such creatures, but they are still present, and this is a big plus.