Billions season 2

Bobby Axelrod gets an amazing nickname - Axe. The man took up entrepreneurship very early, but despite this, he managed to achieve great success and earn a decent amount of money. Bobby deceived people, did not pay attention to the laws of the state, as well as the principles of society. This phenomenon is quite typical for the rich. Most tycoons who achieve heights cannot stop and are ready to take steps that are incomprehensible to ordinary people. Such people want to increase their income, but it doesn’t always work out.

The story about the rich continues

Billions Season 2 and every viewer can learn the story of the oligarch. In the eyes of ordinary people, Axelrod looks like a normal citizen who follows the laws. He manages to use his full potential, and the man also realizes the dream of the United States of America. Everyone perceives the man normally; they consider him a bright person who strives for altruism. Chuck Rhodes has a completely different opinion about all this. Chuck is a federal prosecutor and he is doing everything to bring the billionaire to the truth. One day, it becomes known about a crime in which some influential personalities of the country are involved, but for this you need to start with the Ax...