Legion season 1

David Haller is the central character of the American television series. The guy has a complicated and rather difficult fate. He is the illegitimate child of Gibriel Heller, an Israeli diplomat. The lady gave birth to David from Charles Xavier himself. The man had no idea that his adventure could bring such a result. The son has already become an adult, but he still doesn’t know his father.

X-Men in the series or Legionnaires

The boy received his father's paranormal abilities. Because of this, he was not particularly happy. David had to go through painful and terrible trials because of such abilities. The hero used telepathy and psionics at a time when he witnessed a very terrible terrorist attack. It was at that moment that his loved one died. The hero destroyed a large number of terrorists, but he himself suffered a little. After that, he never managed to return to his normal state. All this happened in my teens. Afterwards he spent a little time in a mental hospital. It was extremely difficult to get out of this state. David leaves one hospital and ends up in another, and this continues for several years. No one could understand his condition and figure it out.