Black Sails Season 4

The events of the new television series take viewers to the first half of the eighteenth century. In those days, piracy flourished. Everyone understood that it was very difficult to resist pirates. It can be said that it is impossible. Some ships and even groups of ships plied the waters to find someone and take something from them. Particularly active was observed somewhere in the Caribbean Seas. The governments of some countries tried to change something, but they still could not save the ships from robbery. For most states, such a phenomenon was a disaster. More often than not, such a beautiful country as Great Britain suffered. One day, it was decided that the pirates needed to be destroyed, but is this possible?

Pirates or black sails?

Black Sails Season 4 is available for free from January 29, 2017. To destroy the pirates, a special operation was organized. UK ships sail to New Providence. Previously, this territory was in the possession of that very Great Britain, but the time came when the situation changed radically. Sea robbers settled on the island and the laws here are very different from normal. Only authoritative captains decide everything here.