24 Hours: Legacy Season 1

You may have already heard about a project with exactly the same name. The series 24: Legacy is a reboot. Instead of the well-known Jack Bauer, Eric Carter, an African-American soldier in the United States Army, was installed. This man is already returning to his home from service, but he does not arrive alone, but together with a serious misfortune. To cope with it, the hero turns to a certain unit for help. The head of this organization is a wonderful female agent. In order for her to help him, the guy will also need to complete a rather difficult task. The hero must prevent a serious attack on the United States.

24 hours but for what?

24 hours: Legacy is free and without any problems. The plot of the television series unfolds in a very interesting way. Each episode draws viewers more and more into the project. Who would have thought that it would be so interesting and could attract such a huge number of people to watch. We hope that you will definitely like it.