Hundred season 4

Most people died as a result of the nuclear apocalypse. However, many managed to escape. But the lifestyle of some of them has fallen back to the level of barbarian times. There have been others who have saved their lives through technology. Some hid in a certain complex in the mountain, while others were poisoned in ships into Earth orbit. It was the “heavenly people” who returned to Earth in the form of hundreds of criminals sent to check the suitability of the planet for return, who turned the established life of the “earthlings” upside down.

What does a hundred mean?

The Hundred Season 4 and after the return of a hundred teenage criminals, whom the “heavenly people” got rid of, had to fight for the right to exist with the “earthlings”. Then they found themselves involved in a terrible experiment by people from the “mountain” who wanted to gain resistance to radiation. Clarke became the leader, Octavia, who fell in love with the “earthling”, took an important place. Lincoln. However, the artificial intelligence “Ellie” appeared, which tried to draw everyone into the city of light. After difficult victories, all inhabitants of the Earth faced the threat of destruction in 6 months from radiation. The main characters' attempt to avoid this fate can be seen in season 4. The Hundred Season 4 can be done with your family, since it is a very massive project.