The Magicians season 2

The Wizards is a series in which young people, residents of the modern city of New York, learn its magic. She is real and dangerous. Season 2 is a continuation of the 1st. You can watch The Wizards season 2 now. What awaits the heroes this season? We all remember what the cast of the last season of the mystical series “The Magicians” was like, but this time it suffered virtually no changes. It continues to star the charming Julia Wicker - Stella Maeve and other actors. In the description of the episode that solemnly opens this season.

Wizards and sorceresses new season

You may wonder about the words "Meanwhile, Julia and the Beast reach a dangerous agreement." You will understand for yourself why it is dangerous. In episode 2, “The main characters are looking for a new weapon.” What will it be? Secret. Actually, the 2nd season of the series is filled with a dramatic plot. For example, will Peni be able to cast magic without hands? My brief address to the reader draws his attention to the series, and I want the majority of the target audience reading this message to watch at least one episode from the new season. The series captivated me with its unpredictability back then, in the 1st season, and then it simply struck me with mysticism and some kind of mystery.