Hostage season 1

Each television series shows an original story that attracts a large number of viewers. Most people on the planet have heard or even seen such a trilogy of films as “Taken.” She surprised many, so people appeared who decided to create a series.

Every user of can take a hostage. The central character is Brian Mills. The plot will include the story of how he saved a family from dangerous kidnappers. It all started with a rather tragic incident that occurred on a train. It was there that Brian and his beautiful girlfriend were initially spotted. The heroes went to another city and did not even realize that something could happen that would radically change their lives. The whole problem is that at this time the bandit commits a crime that is directed against ordinary residents. All this is of great interest to the intelligence services. Brian, thanks to his endurance and experience, manages to neutralize this dangerous criminal. But the trouble is that at the same moment his beloved girl dies. The guy doesn’t know what to do now and how to continue to live.