Three days until spring

The Road of Life

It’s the height of World War II, February 1942. In blockaded Leningrad, people are literally fighting for survival from starvation, because all entrances to the city are blocked by the Nazis, except for the “Road of Life” — the only road through which food and medicine enter the city. But this is simply not enough for the survival of an entire city. It is not surprising that people dying of hunger on the streets are a common occurrence, and looting and theft of food cards — everyday reality of Leningrad.

Unknown threat

To maintain the city's defenses, the military authorities send a young officer Andreev to the city. The main task is obvious — prevent internal sabotage and information leaks to the enemy. But upon arrival, the officer discovers a very strange case — The three men who died had rather unusual symptoms of an unknown infectious disease. Local infectious disease doctor Maritskaya makes a disappointing diagnosis — it's a plague. From now on, the main characters have only three days until spring — the moment when the temperature begins to rise rapidly and the infection can no longer be stopped. After all, the only thing that is holding back the massive epidemic in Leningrad — it's frosty.

What the officer and his medical assistant will have to face in this difficult race against time for the life of an entire city you will see in the film Three Days Until Spring. Enjoy watching!

Tags: Historical