The Lego Movie: Batman

The main character named Bruce is always in search of innovative technologies, because he is interested in perceiving his own world in his own way. Sometimes he goes to social gatherings with elite companies, but these are extremely rare. The last party helps him meet a guy named Dick. He is very mischievous and loves to play pranks, for example, often wearing costumes from Bruce himself. Although he is not against it at all, because he is interested in teaching this character his skills, and then giving him the nickname Robin.

Lego and Batman are you expecting?

The LEGO Movie: Batman and find out detailed information about the reunion of two people into one group. Since what follows is about a certain Joker, he is a full-fledged psychopath, constantly loves to perform various actions aimed at destroying Gotham. Even serious security at Arkham can't do anything about it. The Joker has a best friend, Harley, and together they like to walk around Gotham. The famous hero of the new comedy cartoon "Lego." Movie: Batman" finds his happiness only in the fight against evil. In everyday life — This is a melancholy, lonely person. Although Batman is trying to prove to the whole world that he can cope well without family and friends, in our film he has to use the help of Alfred, the son of Robin and a friend of the police officer Barbara Gordon. The superhero's longtime enemy, the Joker, managed to secretly enter the territory. Phantom Zone and gather all the villains there into one team.

Villains or toys again?

Batman enters into a fight with a whole clan of evil monsters. However, the hero's strength is already running out, and he finally understands that he is not able to fight evil alone. His old friends come to the superhero's aid. A wonderful animated film by famous authors made using cutting-edge computer graphics. All the models in the film are based on real parts of the popular children's construction set, successfully embodied by the creators of the animated film into moving, colorful images of hand-drawn characters. A truly good film calling for the fight against evil has won the recognition and love of many young fans of action-packed science fiction cartoons.