Cars 3

In June 2017, the long-awaited continuation of the famous Cars cartoon series will be released. A world populated by living cars, ships and planes once again opens its doors to viewers of all ages. The third cartoon will tell the story of friendship, rivalry and honor, but it will appear in a completely different way. Unlike the second part, the plot of which was devoted to spy intrigues and world politics, the animated film returns viewers to the good old world of racing. However, the heroes of the third film are faced with the problem of technological progress, which inexorably sweeps away everything in its path.

Lightning Falls in Racing

Time passes, new, more powerful cars appear, and for the hero of the entire saga, Lightning McQueen, who has aged considerably since past events, there may not be a place in the racing of the future. And this, alas, is confirmed when Lightning gets into an accident in front of thousands of spectators while participating in the main competition of the year. Having lost even a shadow of his former glory and the chance to move on, McQueen must show everyone that he is still capable of becoming a true champion. "I am speed" - he repeated to himself many times before going to bed. But will the hero be able to prove it?

Can McQueen win again?

Old friends will help him with this. "Old" in the literal sense of the word, since the heroes of the first film, Sheriff, Mater, Ramon and Sergeant, are cars that came off the assembly line decades earlier than Lightning. They have to convince McQueen that self-confidence, and not engine power, can be the key to superiority over a stronger opponent. But McQueen will also have to get acquainted with modern technologies. A young technician named Cruz Ramirez, who wants to help Lightning, will train him on the way to victory. It is possible that the hero himself will have to be updated and acquire powerful spare parts. Its competitor will be the Jackson Storm racing car. Will he join the ranks of Lightning's antagonists, or will he show respect to the former champion and compete with him in a fair fight? We will learn about all this in the summer of 2017.

Will we see more cars?

Unlike previous cartoons, the third part promises to be more realistic and even darker, while at the same time maintaining the good message underlying the classic Disney saga. Computer graphics compared to previous parts have changed towards greater correspondence with reality. The following actors will return to their roles: Owen Wilson, who gave the voice to Lightning McQueen, Daniel Lawrence Whitney as the Master, Michael Wallis as the Sheriff. Cristela Alonso voices Cruz Ramirez, and Hollywood star Armie Hammer plays Jackson Storm.