Future War

Future War is an action-adventure film set in a science fiction version of Earth. When family man Dan is drafted into a war from which very few recruits return alive, he is forced to confront his past to fight for the future of the planet. Determined to make it a home for his family, Dan tries to make the best decisions possible to stay alive as well as protect the continuation of all humanity.

Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) is a tough guy with big dreams. Despite his warm, welcoming appearance as a biology teacher, he is a former Green Beret who aspires to become a scientific researcher. Unfortunately, his checkered past prevents him from getting a job at the research center of his dreams. But still he is a happy dad and a cheerful husband. All of this is put on hold when soldiers from the future suddenly arrive with a grave warning: all of humanity is on the verge of destruction in the not-too-distant future. An alien race that humans call the White Thorns has invaded Earth and killed almost everyone in a matter of years. The world comes together to send soldiers to the future to help, using a time travel device called Jumplink. Unfortunately, most of the soldiers who make the jump face a grim fate, so a worldwide call is being prepared. Dan is eventually drafted into the army and puts his former military skills to good use - especially when he can combine his scientific knowledge once he arrives from his own jump.

Thrown into complete chaos in Miami Beach, Dan and his company are ordered to rescue several nearby scientists who are researching effective weapons that humans can use to fight the alien invaders. With his research in hand, Dan and the few surviving members of his squad make it out alive. But after capturing a rare female Whitespike, they are attacked by aggressive males who protect them. The battle looks grim for Dan and his ragtag band of soldiers. Can he get the secret weapon into the right hands before they are captured?

Director Chris McKay (the Lego Batman movie, the Robot Chicken television series), despite the two-hour and eighteen-minute duration, throughout the entire Future War there is tension. His deft hand manages to keep things moving while still fleshing out the backstory of the future, and staying focused on the characters who matter among the crowds of soldiers and aliens. McCay's trademark sense of humor is surprisingly absent, as he decided to take this film very seriously, despite the borderline ridiculous, albeit highly professional plot.

Time travel movies are notorious brains, but the science behind Future War seems relatively solid, and the events surrounding the time warp are handled well. The character choice is smart, despite Dan's obvious qualities as a superhero - he's good at everything. Somehow managing to tug at the heartstrings at certain moments despite the constant carnage, there's enough to love in The Tomorrow War to ignore the inconsistencies. A well-chosen cast and some great action scenes along with some pretty terrifying aliens make this a surprisingly family affair.

Tags: Action Fantasy